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Light your Viva La Sparkle in style!

This lighter has easy to use push button design. The finish is made from a durable matte finish that won’t tarnish or stain. Dare to add that wow-factor to any occasion!


Due to shipping safety, this item does not ship with butane inside. Please, have your butane pump ready or order additionally on Amazon, Home Depot, or Walmart. 


This lighter is quickly rechargeable with butane fuel. Just insert the butane pump at the bottom of the lighter and leave it there for 4 seconds (not more than that). Insert the pump once every time you need to recharge it. The lighter is very slim so it doesn't require a lot of fuel. Regulate flame size at the bottom of the lighter.



Adjustable flame switch on the lighter, anti-skipping.

Refillable butane function for long service life.

In order to secure delivery, no gas is in it, please fill the gas before use it.

There is a small hole at the bottom for refilling.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Features: Easy to Use, Portable, Useful, High-Temperature Resistant

Size: 17.5cm x 1.5cm x 1.2cm/6.9" x 0.59" x 0.47" (Approx.)


Sparkler Starter

SKU: 1003
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